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Hüttich Christian

Hüttich Christian

Hüttich Christian, born 12 May 1979. Graduated from the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany, with Diploma degree in Physical Geography and Geoinformatics / Remote Sensing (2006), and PhD degree in Remote Sensing (2011) from the same university. At the present time Post-Doc Researcher for the Department of Earth Observation, Institute for Geography, Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany. The PhD research was focused on land cover and vegetation community mapping using high resolution optical satellite data and time series image analyses based on MODIS data in the framework of «BIOTA Southern Africa» project. The research interests are in mapping and modeling of vegetation for biodiversity assessment and nature conservation, assessment of vegetation dynamics, climatic and socio-economic induced land-cover and land-use dynamics, change detection and time series analysis using satellite data machine learning techniques, and scale issues of environmental data. Involved in the ESA GlobWetland-II project, working on wetland mapping, delineation, and change tracking. Managed the EU-FP7 ZAPÁS project on the assessment and monitoring of forest resources in Siberia in the framework of the EU-Russia Space Dialogue, and is recently involved in research on «ARS AfricaE – Adaptive Resilience in Southern African Ecosystems» and the implementation of near-realtime remote sensing for operational land monitoring.

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