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Ivanova Yuliya Dmitrievna

Ivanova Yuliya Dmitrievna

Ivanova Yuliya Dmitrievna, born 21 February, 1968, in the city of ..., Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University (KSU) (in 2006 KSU being included to Siberian Federal University), Faculty of Physics, with a specialty in Biophysics, in the city of KrasnoyarskSoviet Union (1990). Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD) in System Analysis, Management and Processing of Information (Ecology) (2002). PhD thesis: Vozdeistvie Faktorov Okruzhayushchey Sredy na Zabolevaemost' Zlokachestvennymi Novoobrazovaniyami: Osobennosti Prostranstvenno-Vremennykh Svyazey (na Primere g. Krasnoyarska) (The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Incidence of Malignant Neoplasms: Features of Spatial-Temporal Relationships (on the Example of Krasnoyarsk), Krasnoyarsk, 2002 (in Russian). Research Scientist for the Laboratory of Theoretical Biophysics, Inst. Biophys.Fed. Res. Center Krasnoyarsk Sci. Center, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br., in the city of KrasnoyarskRussia (1990-present). Specialist in modeling of net primary production of plant communities on the basis of GIS and satellite data, expert in the field of nature management and ecology. The constant participant and organizer of the section A 3.1 Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research– COSPAR. Author and co-author of more than 30 scientific publications, including three books. Some of them: «Krasnoyarsk. Ekologicheskie Ocherki», (Krasnoyarsk. Environmental Essays), Krasnoyarsk, Sib. Fed. Univ., 2012 (in Russian); «Models of the Ecological Hierarchy: From Molecules to the Ecosphere», Elsevier, 2012; «Climate Change Impacts on High-Altitude Ecosystems», Springer, 2015.


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 45

Total Citations – 140; Hirsch Index – 5

Papers in Scopus – 15

Total Scopus Citations – 30; Scopus Hirsh Index – 4

Papers in Publons – 18

Total Publons Citations – 37; Publons Hirsh Index – 4

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 18

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations 37

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index 4

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