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Kaipiainen Erik L’vovich

Kaipiainen Erik L’vovich

Kaipiainen Erik L’vovich, born 28 July 1960. Graduated from A. A. Zdanov Leningrad State University (at the present time – Saint Petersburg State University) Faculty of Biology (1983). Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) in Plant Physiology & Biochemistry (1988, V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute, USSR Academy of Science). Researcher in Forest biomass and bioenergy for the School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland in the city of Joensuu (since 1998 till present time). Expert in eco-physiology, bioenergy, short-rotation forestry, biology of willow, phytoremediation and bio-filtration. The reviewer for the Photosynthetica journal. Author and co-author of more than 20 scientific publications in the period 1983-1996. Some scientific publications: «Chemical and physical properties of short rotation tree species» In «Europ. J. Wood and Wood Products», 2014; «Parameters of photosynthesis light curve in Salix dasyclados and their changes during the growth season» In «Rus. J. Plant Physiol.», 2009; «Requirements for obtaining maximum indices of photosynthesis and transpiration in attached leaves of willow plants grown in short-rotation forest» In «Rus. J. Plant Physiol., 2007; «CO2 exchange in some vascular plants inhabiting the Polar Urals» In «Rus. J. Plant Physiol. », 1996 (in Russian with English summary and contents).


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Total citations – 6; Hirsh index – 1.

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