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Karbainov Yuri Mikhailovich

Karbainov Yuri Mikhailovich

Karbainov Yuriy Mikhailovich, born 16 July 1952 in the settlement of Mukhorshibir, Mukhorshibirsky District, Republic of BuryatiaSoviet Union (since 1992 – Russia), deceased 23 February 2016. Graduated from S. M. Kirov Leningrad Forest Engineering Academy (at the present time – S. M. Kirov Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University), Forestry Faculty (at the present time – Institute of Forest and Nature Management), Department of Anatomy and Physiology of Woody Plants (at the present time – Department of General Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology of Plants), with a specialty in Forestry (1976). Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) in Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources (1993). PhD thesis: «Ekologicheskie Posledstviya Katastroficheskih Narusheniy v Temnohvoynyh Lesah Baykalskogo Biosfernogo Zapovednika» (Environmental Effects of Catastrophic Disturbances in the Dark Needle Forests of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve), MoscowA. N. Severtsov Inst. Ecol. & Evolut.Rus. Acad. Sci., 1993 (in Russian). Leading Research Scientist for the Taymyr State Nature Biosphere Reserve (at the present time – Federal State Budgetary Institution «United Directorate of Taimyr Nature Reserves»), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Academician, Chair for Taymyr Branch of the Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts. Author and co-author of more than 70 scientific publications, including 6 books. Some of them: «Geodinamicheskaya Oscenka Sostoyaniya Lesnykh Ekosistem (na Primere Baikalskogo Biosfernogo Zapovednika)» (Geodynamic Assessment of Forest Ecosystems (on the Example of Baikal Biosphere Reserve), St. Petersburg, 1992 (in Russian); «Priroda Taimyra i Ovscebyki. Fotoalbom» (The Musk-Oxen and Taymyr Nature. Photograph album), St. Petersburg, 1996 (in Russian, English and French); «Zapovedniki Sibiri» (Nature Reserves of Siberia), Moscow, 2000 (in Russian); «Osnovy Geodinamicheskoi Oscenki Lesnykh Ekosistem» (Principles for Geodynamic Assessment of Forest Ecosystems), St. Petersburg, 2000 (in Russian); «Ovscebyk v Tundre Rossii» (The Muskox in the Tundra of Russia), St. Petersburg, 2002 (in Russian and in English); «Tunkinsky Nascionalnyi Park (Ekologo-Rekreascionnaya i Demograficheskaya Obstanovka, Problemy Lesoustroistva i Lesovosstanovleniya)» (Tunka National Park (Environmental-Recreational and Demographic Status, Problems of Forest Planning and Forest Restoration), Krasnoyarsk, 2005 (in Russian); «Lesoustroistvo v Zapovednikakh – Prinscipy i Metody. Podkhody k Obobscheniyu Opyta» (Forest Planning in Nature Reserves – Principles and Methods. Approaches for Summarizing the Experience), Krasnoyarsk, 2005 (in Russian).


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 8

Total citations – 122; Hirsch index – 1.

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