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Martynyuk Alexander Alexandrovich

Martynyuk Alexander Alexandrovich

Martynyuk Alexander Alexandrovich, born 15 September 1954. Graduated from Ukrainian Agricultural Academy in Kiev (at present time – National University of Life Sciences and Environment of Ukraine) Faculty of Forestry (at present time – Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening) with a specialty in Forestry (1976). Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in Forest Science and Silviculture, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting. DSc. Thesis: «Sosnovye Ekosistemy v Usloviyakh Aerotekhnogennogo Zagryazneniya, ikh Sokhranenie i Reabilitasciya» (Pine Ecosystems in the Conditions of Aero-Technogenic Pollution, Their protection and Rehabilitation), Moscow, 2009 (in Russian). Honored Forester of the Russian Federation, Director for All-Russian Research Institute of Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry (VNIILM) in the city of Pushkino, Moscow Oblast. Leading expert in silviculture, forest ecology, forest management and strategic forest planning. PI and Co-PI for more than 50 research projects and drafts of regulatory and legal documents to provide Forest Code of the Russian Federation follow-up as well as the programs: «Razvitie Lesnogo Khozyaistva Rossiiskoi Federascii na 2013-2020 Gody» (in Russian) (Development of Forestry in the Russian Federation in 2013-2020», «Оsnovy Gosudarstvennoi Politiki v Oblasti Ispolzovaniya, Okhrany, Zaschity i Vosproizvodstva Lesov v Rossiiskoi Federascii na Period do 2030 Goda» (in Russian) (Fundamentals for Governmental Policy in Forest Utilization, Conservation, Protection and Regeneration in the Russian Federation until 2030), adopted by the Russian Government. Member of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and Federal Forestry Agency boards, member of the Forestry Working Group of the Forest Sector Development Council under Russian Government. Chairman for VNIILM Scientific Council, member of the dissertation councils at VNIILM and Moscow State Forest University. Has several Russian Government awards. Author and co-author of more than 140 papers and 4 books.


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Total citations – 245; Hirsh index – 4.

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