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Mikhailova Tatiana Alekseevna

Mikhailova Tatiana Alekseevna

Mikhailova Tatiana Alekseevna, born 26 April, 1952 in the city of IrkutskIrkutsk Oblast, Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Irkutsk State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies, with a specialty in Biology, qualification Teacher of Biology and Chemistry, in the city of Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Soviet Union (1974). Candidate (PhD, 1985), and Doctor (DSc, 1997) of Biological Sciences in Ecology. PhD thesis: «Vliyanie Ftoristykh Soedineniy na Khvoynye Derev'ya» (Influence of Fluorine Compounds on Coniferous Trees), Irkutsk, Irkutsk St. Univ., 1985 (in Russian). DSc. thesis: «Ekologo-Fiziologicheskoe Sostoyanie Lesov, Zagryaznyaemykh Promyshlennymi Emissiyami» (Ecological- and Physiological Condition of Forests, Polluted by Industrial Emissions), IrkutskIrkutsk St. Univ., 1997 (in Russian). Head for the Lab. Nat. Anthrop. Ecosyst.Sib. Inst. Plant Physiol. Biochem.Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br., in the city of Irkutsk, Russia (1997-present). Expert in ecological physiology of woody plants. Scientific interests in stability of forest ecosystems to anthropogenic pollution, biogeochemical changes in urban ecosystems, application of large area mapping techniques in ecophytotoxicology. PI for scientific program direction VI. 52. «Biological Diversity». Advised 4 PhD students. Member of the Dissertation Council (Expert in «Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants») at Sib. Inst. Plant Physiol. Biochem., Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br.,. Expert from Russia for international research project EANET Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia. Author and co-author of more 200 scientific publications, including 5 books. For a creative scientific activity of many years, outstanding contribution to the development of science, and in connection with 50-year jubilee of the Sib. Br.Rus. Acad. Sci., awarded the «Silver Sigma» Honorary Sign of the Presidium of the the Sib. Br., Rus. Acad. Sci., (2007), Honorary Notes, Diplomas and Letters of the Presidium of the Rus. Acad. Sci., the the Sib. Br., Rus. Acad. Sci., the Governor of the Irkutsk Oblast.


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 81

Total Citations – 722; Hirsh Index – 12

Papers in Scopus 17

Total Scopus Citations – 38; Scopus Hirsh Index – 3

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 14

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations 31

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index 3

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