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Pakhar’kova Nina Viktorovna

Pakhar’kova Nina Viktorovna

Pakhar’kova Nina Viktorovna, born 29 October, 1964 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University (KSU) (in 2006 KSU being included to Siberian Federal University), Faculty of Biology, Department of Ecology (in 2001 Department of Ecology has been renaimed to the Department of Ecotoxicology and Microbiology), with a specialty in Biology, and qualification Biologist (1987). Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) in Ecology (1999). PhD thesis: «Zamedlennaya Fluorestsentsiya Khlorofilla Khvoinykh v Usloviyakh Tekhnogennogo Zagryazneniya Atmosfery» (Decelerated Fluorescence of Chlorophyll of Conifers in the Conditions of Technogenic Pollution of Atmosphere), Krasnoyarsk, KSU, 1999 (in Russian). Associate Professor for the Department of Ecology and Nature Management, School of Ecology and Geography, Siberian Federal University, in the city of Krasnoyarsk (since 2005 to present time). Author and co-author of more than 85 scientific publications.


Papers in – 37

Total citations – 122; Hirsch index – 5.

Papers in Scopus – 5

Total Scopus citations – 4; Scopus Hirsch index – 1.

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