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Schurova Marina Lvovna

Schurova Marina Lvovna, born 4 December, 1954. Graduated from Petrozavodsk State University, Faculty of Biology (at the present time – Faculty of Ecology and Biology) (1983). Engineer for Karelian Forest Seed Station, Branch of the Centre for Forest Protection of Leningrad Oblast (since 2012). Practitioner in forest tree breeding and seed farming. The main papers: Scherbakova M. A., Schurova M. L. Analiz plyusovykh derev'ev sosny (The analysis of elite pine trees) In «Lesnoe hozyajstvo» (Forestry), 1991, N. 4: 30–32 (in Russian); Raevsky B. V., Schurova M. L. Analiz strukturnykh kharakteristik nabora plyusovykh derev'ev sosny v Karelii (Analisis of structural characteristics of the elite pine trees in Karelia) In «Lesnoe hozyajstvo» (Forestry), 2013, N. 2: 24–26 (in Russian).


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