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Simonov Gennadiy Alekseevich

Simonov Gennadiy Alekseevich, born 4 June 1949. Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, with a specialty in Agrochemistry and Soil Science (1972). Senior Researcher (1989), Doctor of Biological Sciences (2001) in Soil Science. DSc. thesis: «Sostoyanie i Evolyusciya Mineralnoi Massy Pochv Zonalnogo Ryada na Pokrovnykh Suglinkakh: Geneticheskie Aspekty» (State and Evolution of the Mineral Mass of Soil Zonal Series on Mantle Loams: Genetic Aspects), Syktyvkar, 2000 (in Russian). Leading Research Scientist for the Department of Soil Science at the Institute of Biology, Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic. Expert in genetic soil science, soil mineralogy, soil science research methods, has identified patterns of change in the course of mineral mass of soil formation and eolation of tundra and podzolic soils. PI for the research projects: INTAS-01-512 «Biological and pedological evolutionary trends in model ecosystems with podzolic soils in the conditions of changing climate and anthropogenic impacts (PODZOL)» (2002-2004), and OMRISK - Impacts and Risks from Anthropogenic Disturbances on Soil, Carbon Dynamics and Vegetation in Podzolic Ecosystems») (2005-2008). Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications including 5 monographs. Some of them: «Sostoyanie i Evolyusciya Mineralnoi Massy Pochv: Geneticheskie Aspekty» (State and Evolution of the Mineral Mass of Soils: Genetic Aspects), St. Petersburg, Nauka, 1993 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Strukturno-Funkscionalnaya Organizasciya Pochv i Pochvennogo Pokrova Evropeiskogo Severo-Vostoka» (Structural-Functional Soil and Soil Cover Organization of the European North-East), St. Petersburg, Nauka, 2001 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Content and mineralogical composition of colloidal and coarse clay fractions in the zonal soil sequence of European Russia» In «Euras. Soil Sci.», 2003; «Putevoditel’ Nauchnoi Pochvennoi Ekskursii» (Guide for Scientific Soil Excursion), Syktyvkar, 2007 (in Russian with English summary and contents); «Pedogenic processes and clay transformations in bisequal soils of the Southern Taiga zone» In «Geoderma», 2009; «Atlas Pochv Respubliki Komi» (Soil Atlas of the Komi Republic), Syktyvkar, 2010 (in Russian); «The effect of clear cutting on podzolisation and soil carbon dynamics in boreal forests (Middle Taiga zone, Russia)» In «Geoderma», 2012.

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Total citations – 230; Hirsh index – 7.

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