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Sizykh Alexander Petrovich

Sizykh Alexander Petrovich

Sizykh Alexander Petrovich, born 24 February 1960, in the city of ..., Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia). Graduated from Irkutsk State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil, with a specialty in Geobotany, qualification Biologist, in the city of Irkutsk, Irkutsk OblastSoviet Union (1987). Candidate (PhD, 2006), and Doctor (DSc, 2019) of Biological Sciences in Ecology. PhD thesis: «Taezhno-Stepnye Soobshchestva Zapadnogo Poberezhya Ozera Baikal: Struktura, Dinamika, Ekologiya, Genezis» (Taiga-Steppe Communities of Western Coast of the Baikal Lake: Structure, Dynamics, Ecology, and Genesis), IrkutskIrkutsk St. Univ., 2005 (in Russian). DSc thesis: «Ekotony i paragenez v rastitel'nosti Baykalskogo regiona: struktura, dinamika, genezis» (Ecotones and Paragenesis in Vegetation of Baikal Region: Structure, Dynamics, Genesis), IrkutskIrkutsk St. Univ., 2019 (in Russian). Senior Research Scientist for the Laboratory of Bioindication of Ecosystems, Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Rus. Acad. Sci., Sib. Br., in the city of IrkutskIrkutsk OblastRussia (2005-present). Specialist in biogeocenology, biogeography, geobotanical mapping. Author and co-author of more than 230 scientific publications, including 7 books and 1 atlas. 


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) – 74

Total Citations – 201; Hirsch Index – 5

Papers in Scopus – 10

Total Scopus Citations  22; Scopus Hirsh Index  3

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection  6

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations – 13

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index – 2

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