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Terekhov Gennadii Grigorievich

Terekhov Gennadii Grigorievich

Terekhov Gennadii Grigorievich, born 27 June 1948 in the city of Mikhailovka, Volgograd Oblast. Graduated from the Ural Forest Engineering Institute (at the present time Ural State Forest Engineering University) Faculty of Forestry (1971) (at the present time Institute of Forest and Nature Management) in the city of Sverdlovsk (at the present time Yekaterinburg). Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (PhD) in Forest Crops, Selection, Seed Growing, and City Gardening (1980), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences  in Forest Science, Forestry, Forest Planning and Forest Inventory (2013). PhD thesis: «Obosnovanie Agrotekhniki Sozdaniya Kul'tur Eli i Sosny s Khimicheskoy Podgotovkoy Pochvy na Zlakovykh Vyrubkakh Podzony Yuzhnoy Taigi Urala» (Substantiation of Agrotechnics for Creating Spruce and Pine Crops with Chemical Soil Preparation at Gramineous Clearings in the Subzone of Southern Taiga of the Urals), Yekaterinburg, 1980 (in Russian). DSc. thesis: «Lesovodstevenno-Ekologicheskoe i Tekhnicheskoe Sovershenstvovanie Iskusstvennogo Lesovosstanovleniya v Temnokhvoinykh Lesakh Urala s Tsel'yu Povysheniya ikh Produktivnosti» (Silvicultural-Environmental and Technical Upgraiding of Artificial Reforestation in Dark Needle Forests of the Urals with the Object of Increasing Their Productivity), Yekaterinburg, 2012 (in Russian). The Honored Forester of the Russian Federation (2004), Head for the Department of Forest Science, Leading Research Scientist for the Laboratory of Forest Restoration, Forest Protection and Forest Use, Department of Forest Science, Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of SciencesUral Branch, in the city of Yekaterinburg. Author and co-author of more than 130 scientific publications.


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Total citations – 127; Hirsh index – 5.

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