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Tereschenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna

Tereschenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna

Tereschenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna, born 1 July, 1966 in the city of Balkhash, Kazakhstan. Graduated from Tomsk State University (at the present time – National Research Tomsk State University), Faculty of Biology and Soil Science (at the present time – Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry (Institute of Biology), with a specialty in Soil Science and Agrochemistry (1989). Doctor of Biological Sciences in Ecology (Biology) (2008). DSc. thesis: «Ekologo-Biologicheskie Faktory i Mekhanizmy Remediatsii Antropogenno-Narushennykh Pochv» (Ecologo-Biological Factors and Mechanisms of Remediation of Anthropogenically Damaged Soils), Tomsk, 2007 (in Russian). Senior Research Scientist in Agro Soil Science and Agro Physics (2002). Leading Research Scientist for the Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and Peat – Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Siberian Federal Scientific Center for Agrobiotechnology in the city of Tomsk. Research interests in soil and agricultural microbiology, ecology of microorganisms, interactions in the systems of microorganisms – plants, microorganisms – soil mesofauna, bioremediation of athropogenically damaged soils. Author and co-author of more than 60 peer-reviewed papers, three books, and two textbooks.


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Total citations – 276; Hirsch index – 7.

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