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Tsukahara Masami

Tsukahara Masami, Research Specialist for the Niigata Prefectural Forest Research Institute (1996), PhD in Agriculture (2013). The main research interest are in forest ecology, forest site factor and stand structure. Author of the research papers: "Effect of snow-pressure damage on the distribution of stem diameters in Japanese cedar stands" In "J. Jpn. For. Soc.", 2012 (in Japanese with English summary); "Predicting site indices of Japanese cedar plantations in Niigata prefecture using environmental factors" In "J. For. Plan.", 2009.

Address: Niigata Prefectural Forest Research Institute, 2249-5 Unotoro, Murakami, Niigata 958-0264, Japan
Phone: (+81) 254-72-1172

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