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Tolkach Olga Vladimirovna

Tolkach Olga Vladimirovna, born 23 November 1955. Graduated from the Ural Forest Engineering Institute (at the present time Ural State Forest Engineering University), Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Institute of Forest and Nature Management), with a specialty Engineer of Forestry (1978). Candidate (PhD) (1986) and Doctor (2016) of Agricultural Sciences in Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Planning and Forest Inventory. DSc. Thesis: «Vodoreguliruyuschaya i Pollyutantno-Deponiruyuschaya Rol’ Lesov (na Primere Srednego Urala)» (Water Regulating and Pollutants’ Depositing Role of Forests (on the Example of Central Urals), Yekaterinburg, 2015 (in Russian). Senior Research Scientist (2005) for the Laboratory of Forest Restoration, Forest Protection and Forest Use, Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences in the city of Yekaterinburg. Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications, including 2 books. Some of them: «Transformasciya travyanistogo pokrova lesostepnykh bereznyakov vsledstvie zoogennoi defoliascii» (Grass cover transformation of birch forest of steppe-forest zone due to zoogenic defoliation) In «Izvestia Sankt-Peterburgskoj Lesotehnicheskoj Akademii» (Proc. Saint-Petersburg Acad. Forest Engineering), 2012 (in Russian with English abstract); «Izmenenie godichnogo radialnogo prirosta berezy, defoliirovannoi neparnym shelkopryadom Lymantria dispar (L.)» (Change of the annual radial growth birches, defoliation the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar (L.)) In «Sovremennye Problemy Nauki i Obrazovaniya» (Contemporary Problems of Science and Education), 2013 (in Russian with English abstract); «Small mammal communities in forest ecosystems affected by urbanization» In «Rus. J. Ecol.», 2014; «Opyt ochistki pochvy ot fosforoorganicheskikh soedinenii s pomoschyu estestvennogo pula mikroorganizmov» (Experience in purification of soil from organophosphorus compounds with natural pool of microorganisms) In «Sovremennye Problemy Nauki i Obrazovaniya» (Contemporary Problems of Science and Education), 2015 (in Russian with English abstract);


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Total citations – 84; Hirsch index – 5.

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