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Usoltsev Vladimir Andreevich

Usoltsev Vladimir Andreevich

Usoltsev Vladimir Andreevich, born 19 September, 1940 in the village of KrutikhaKrutikhinskiy Village CouncilDalmatovsky DistrictKurgan OblastRussia. Graduated from the Ural Forest Engineering Institute (at the present time  Ural State Forest Engineering University), Faculty of Forest Engineering (1963) (at the present time Institute of Timber Processing Business and Road Construction), with a specialty in Forest Engineering, qualification Engineer of Forest Industry, in the city of Sverdlovsk (04 Sept., 1991 the city of Sverdlovsk renaimed to Yekaterinburg), Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (PhD, 1974), Senior Research Scientist (1978) in Forest Science, Silviculture, and Protective Afforestation; Forest Fires and Fire Fighting. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1986), Professor (1991) in Forest Planning and Forest Inventory. PhD thesis: «Elementy Biologicheskoy Produktivnosti Berezovo-Osinovykh Lesov Severnogo Kazakhstana» (The Elements of Biological Productivity of Birch-Aspen Forests of the Northern Kazakhstan), Sverdlovsk (since 04.09.1991  Yekaterinburg), Ural For. Engineer. Inst. (at the present time  Ural St. For. Engineer. Univ.), 1973 (in Russian). DSc thesis: «Produktivnost' i Fitomassa Drevostoev (na Primere Lesov Kazakhstana i Yuga Zapadnoy Sibiri)» (Productivity and Phytomass of Tree Stands (on the Example of Forests of Kazakhstan and South of Western Siberia), Kyiv, Ukr. Agr. Acad. (at the present time – Nat. Univ. Life Sci. Environ. of Ukraine), 1985 (in Russian). The Honored Forester of the Russian Federation (2007). Chief Scientist, Head for the Group of Biological ProductivityLaboratory of Woody Plants Population Biology and Forest DynamicsBotanical Garden of the Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor for the Department of Management and Quality Control, Institute of Economics and Management, the Ural Forest Engineering University, in the city of YekaterinburgSverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Editor in Chief for peer-reviewed scientific journal «Eco-Potential», Associate Editor for peer-reviewed scientific journal «Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal» (Sib. J. For. Sci.). Expert in forest ecology and forest biological production estimating. Author and co-author of more than 570 papers and 24 books. Some of them: «Modelling of Structure and Dynamics of Tree Stands' Phytomass», Krasnoyarsk, 1985 (in Russian), «Growth and Structure of Tree Stands' Phytomass», Novosibirsk, 1988 (in Russian), «Biological and Ecological Aspects of Tree Phytomass Estimation», Yekaterinburg, 1997 (in Russian with English titles, summary and contents), «Developing Databanks of Forest Phytomass», Yekaterinburg, 1998 (in Russian with summary in English), «Structure of Phytomass of the Siberian Pines Plantations», Krasnoyarsk, 1998 (in Russian), «Forest Biomass of Northern Eurasia: Database and Geography», Yekaterinburg, 2001 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Forest Biomass of Northern Eurasia: Mensuration Standards and Geography», Yekaterinburg, 2002 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Forest Biomass of Northern Eurasia: the Limits of Productivity and their Geography», Yekaterinburg, 2003 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «The Methods for Evaluating Biological Productivity of Tree Stands», Yekaterinburg, 2005 (in Russian), «Carbon Deposition in the Forests of Some Ecotones and on the Forested Areas of the Ural Federal District», Yekaterinburg, 2005 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Biological Productivity of Northern Eurasia's Forests: Methods, Datasets, Applications», Yekaterinburg, 2007 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Sketches About our Forest Trees», Ekaterinburg, 2008 (in Russian with summary in English), «Formation, Growth and Biological Productivity of the Experimental Siberian Spruce Plantations in the Urals: Study of Relationships and Regularities», Yekaterinburg, 2008 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Russian Cosmism and the Present», Yekaterinburg, 2008, 2009, 2010 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Studying Methods and Designing Information System for Calculating and Mapping of Forest Deposed Carbon in the Natural Software», Yekaterinburg, 2010 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Eurasian Forest Biomass and Primary Production Data», Yekaterinburg, 2010 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Culturological Essays», Yekaterinburg, 2011 (in Russian), «Essays on Russian Cosmism», Yekaterinburg, 2012 (in Russian); «Biological Productivity of Ural Forests under Conditions of Air Pollution: An Investigation of a System of Regularities», Yekaterinburg, 2012 (in Russian with English summary); «Primary Russia, Russian Cosmism and Century of Russia Fall», Yekaterinburg, 2012 (in Russian), «Production and Competitive Relations of Trees: Studying a System of Regularities», Yekaterinburg, 2013 (in Russian with summary and contents in English), «Structure of Tree Biomass-Height Profiles: Studying a System of Regularities», Yekaterinburg, 2013 (in Russian with summary and contents in English),  Forest biomass and primary production database for Eurasia. CD-version. The second edition, enlarged and re-harmonized, Yekaterinburg, 2013; "Climatic Gradients of Biomass and Net Primary Production of Mixed Picea-Abies Forests in Eurasia In "Environ. Nat. Resources Res.", 2014; «Geographic gradients of net primary production of birch forests of Eurasia» In «Rus. J. Ecol.», 2015; «Allometric equations for integrating remote sensing imagery into forest monitoring programmes» In «Global Change Biol.», 2017; 


Phone: +7 (343) 254-6159 

Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index)  594

Total Citations – 3940; Hirsh Index – 23


Papers in Scopus 49

Total Scopus Citations – 955; Scopus Hirsch Index – 10

Papers in Publons 68

Total Publons Citations – 921; Publons Hirsch Index – 10

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 68

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations 921

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index 10

Authors articles

1. Usoltsev V. A., Gavrilin D. S., Chasovskikh V. P., Bornikov A. V., Noritsina Yu. V. Geography of Phytomass, Net Primary and Specific Primary Production of Larch Forests Within Eurasia
2. Usoltsev V. A., Chasovskikh V.P., Bogoslovskaya О. А., Noritsina Yu. V., Galako V. А., Terekhov G. G. Estimating Forest Carbon Stock in Alpine and Arctic Ecotones of the Urals
3. Bergman I. E., Vorobeichik E. L., Usoltsev V.A. The Structure of Spruce-Fir Tree Stands Mortality Under Impact of the Middle Ural Copper Smelter Emissions
4. Usoltsev V. A. Specific Net Primary Production of the Eurasia Forest-Forming Species in Transcontinental Gradients: Methods and Uncertainties
5. Usoltsev V. A., Chasovskikh V. P., Noritsina Yu. V., Noritsin D. V. Allometric Models of Tree Biomass for Airborne Laser Scanning and Ground Inventory of Carbon Pool in the Forests of Eurasia: Comparative Analysis
6. Schepaschenko D. G., Shvidenko A. Z., Perger C., Dresel C., Fritz S., Lakida P. I., Mukhortova L. V., Usoltsev V. A., Bobkova K. S., Osipov A. F., Martynenko O. V., Karminov V. N., Ontikov P. V., Schepaschenko M. V., Kraxner F. Forest Biomass Observation
7. Usoltsev V. A. Foliage Efficiency of Forest-Forming Species in the Climatic Gradients of Eurasia
8. Usoltsev V. A., Kolchin K. V., Chasovskikh V. P. Net Primary Production of Forest-Forming Species in Climatic Gradients of Eurasia
9. Usoltsev V. A., Kolchin K. V., Tsepordey I. S., Chasovskikh V. P. The Study of Comparative Structure of Picea spp. and Abies spp. Tree Biomass on the Territory of Eurasia by Additive Method
10. Usoltsev V. А., Tsepordey I. S., Chasovskikh V. P. Tree Biomass of Two-Needled Pines in Eurasia: Additive Models in Climatic Gradients
11. Usoltsev V. А., Tsepordey I. S. Climate Gradients of Quercus spp. Forest Biomass in Eurasia
12. Usoltsev V. А., Tsepordey I. S. Predicting Stem Biomass of Pine Trees in Natural Tree Stands and Forest Crops Due to Climate Change
13. Usoltsev V. А., Tsepordey I. S. Climatically Caused Territorial Changes in the Phytomass of Forest-Forming Tree Species of Eurasia and Their Forecasting
14. Usoltsev V. A. On Some Methodological Violation in Estimating the Net Primary Production of Forests

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