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Villa Aki Olavi

Villa Aki Olavi, born 27 September, 1963. Graduated from the University of Joensuu (at present time – University of Eastern Finland), Forestry Faculty (at the present time – School of Forest Sciences) (1989). PhD in Forestry (2007). PhD thesis: «Fuel Switching, Energy Saving and Carbon Trading – Three Ways to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Finnish Forest Industry», Univ. Joensuu, 2007. Researcher for School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland in the city of Joensuu (since 2007 till present time). Participated in numerous research projects related to peat extraction, bioenergy, phytoremediation of contaminated areas. Author and co-author of more than 20 research papers. The papers: «Chemical and physical properties of short rotation tree species» In «Europ. J. Wood and Wood Products», 2014; «Sustainable transportation Ethanol plant through field and forest biomass integration», 2011; «Development of energy willow production and use in Finland», 2013. 


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