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Yarmishko Vasiliy Trofimovich

Yarmishko Vasiliy Trofimovich

Yarmishko Vasiliy Trofimovich, born 27 July, 1947, in the rural locality of ZhovninoChornobai Raion, Cherkasy OblastUkrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (former Soviet Union). Graduated from the Order of Lenin S. M. Kirov Leningrad Forest Technical Academy (at the present time – S. M. Kirov Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University), Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Institute of Forest and Natural Resource Management), with a specialty in Forestry, qualification Engineer of Forestry, in the city of Leningrad (06 Sept., 1991 Leningrad renaimed to Saint Petersburg), Soviet Union (since 1992 – Russia) (1973). Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (PhD) in Forest Crops, Breeding, Seed Growing and Urban Greening (1976). Doctor  of Biological Sciences (DSc) in Botany (1994). PhD thesis: «Konkurentnye Vliyaniya Listvennykh Porod na El' v Zone Kornevykh Sistem pri Rekonstruktsii Listvennykh Molodnyakov Lesokulturnymi Metodami» (Competitive Influences of Deciduous Species to Spruce in Zone of Root Systems Under Reconstruction of Young Stands by Forest Crops Methods), Leningrad, Leningrad Order of Lenin S. M. Kirov For. Techn. Acad. (at the present time – S. M. Kirov Saint-Petersburg St. For. Techn. Univ.) 1976 (in Russian). DSc thesis: «Sosna Obyknovennaya (Pinus sylvestris L.) i ee Soobchshestva v Usloviyakh Atmosfernogo Zagryazneniya na Evropeyskom Severe» (Scotch Pine Pinus sylvestris L. and Their Communities in the Conditions of Atmospheric Pollution at the European North), St. PetersburgKomarov Bot. Inst., Rus. Acad. Sci., 1994 (in Russian). Head for the Dept. Bot. GardenKomarov Bot. Inst.Rus. Acad. Sci. (since 2016 to present time), Professor (2001) and Head for the Department of Botany and DendrologyInstitute of Forest and Natural Resource Management, S. M. Kirov Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University (since 2001 to present time), in the city of St. PetersburgRussia. Vice-Chairman for the Scientific Council on Botany, Division of Biol. Sci.Rus. Acad. Sci. Member of the Dissertation Council at Komarov Bot. Inst., Rus. Acad. Sci. Member of the Presidium and Vice-President for the Rus. Bot. Soc.  Associate editor for peer-reviewed scientific journals of the Rus. Acad. Sci.: «Rastitelnye Resursy» (Rastitelnye Resursy); «Rastitelnost’ Rossii» (Vegetation of Russia); «Regionalnaya Ekologiya» (Reg. Ecol.); «Biosfera» (Biosfera); «Transactions of Karelian Res. Centre Rus. Acad. Sci.», «Ecol. Stud. Ser.»; «Promyshlennaya Botanika» (Industr. Bot.); «Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal» (Sib. J. For. Sci.); "Nauchnye Zapiski Prirodnogo Zapovednika "Mys Mart'yan" (Proc. Cape Mart'yan Nature Reserve), published by Nikita Botanical Garden. Leading specialist in botany, forest science, forest ecology, and phytoindication. Author and co-author of more than 270 scientific publications, including 9 monographs and 1 textbook. 


Papers in (Rus. Sci. Cit. Index) 110

Total Citations – 1744; Hirsch Index – 10

Papers in Scopus 7

Total Scopus Citations – 27; Scopus Hirsh Index – 1

Papers in Publons – ...

Total Publons Citations – ...; Publons Hirsh Index – ...

Papers in Web of Science Core Collection 5

Total Web of Science Core Collection Citations – 28

Web of Science Core Collection Hirsh Index 1

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