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Özden Sezgin

Özden Sezgin, born 1965, in the city of Trabzon, Türkiye. Graduated from Karadeniz Technical UniversityFaculty of Forestry, with BSc (1990), and MSc (1995) in Forestry, in the city of Trabzon, Türkiye. PhD in Forest Economics from Istanbul University, Türkiye (2000). Lecturer for the Faculty of ForestryCankiri Karatekin University (1997-2022), the Head of Forest Economics Department (2002-2022), Director for Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science Cankiri Karatekin University (2008-2016), Professor of Forest Economics and Policy at the same faculty (2012), Professor Emeritus for the Faculty of Forestry, Cankiri Karatekin University (2022-present), in the city of ÇankiriTurkey. Editor-in-Chief for the Forest and Hunting Journal of the Foresters' Association of Turkiye (2008-2022). Former member of editorial and advisory board for several national and international scientific journals. Organized and coordinated several national and international meetings. Research interests in forestry and forest economics. Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications. 



Papers in Research Gate – 62

Total Research Gate Reads – 57904

Total Research Gate Citations – 336

Papers in Google Scholar – 73

Total Google Scholar Citations – 496

Google Scholar Hirsh Index – 12

Papers in Scopus – 13

Total Scopus Citations – 153; Scopus Hirsh Index – 7

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