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CONTENTS (2020, N 4)


  Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    4    2020    July – August


V. V. Tarakanov, K. V. Krutovsky

Foreword from the Scientific Editors 



S. I. Ivanovskaya, D. I. Kagan, V. E. Padutov

Genetic Diversity and Structure of the Norway Spruce Picea abies (L.) Karst. 

Seed Orchards of the First and the Second Order in Belarus 


S. V. Panteleev, L. V. Mozharovskaya, O. Yu. Baranov, V. A. Yarmolovich, V. Е. Padutov

Genetic Polymorphism of mtCOI Locus in Belarussian Populations of Pine Bark Beetle 

Ips acuminatus Gyll. 


M. Nonić, J. Milovanović, M. Šijačić-Nikolić

Conservation of Biodiversity and Forest Genetic Resources in Serbia


Ya. V. Sboeva, Yu. S. Vasil’eva, N. V. Chertov, N. A. Pystogova, S. V. Boronnikova, 

R. N. Kalendar, N. A. Martynenko

Molecular Genetic Identification of Scots Pine and Siberian Larch Populations in Perm Krai 

Based on Polymorphism of ISSR-PCR Markers 


T. V. Zheleznichenko, D. S. Muraseva, S. V. Asbaganov, M. S. Voronkova, 

A. V. Zaushintsena, T. I. Novikova

Study of the Genetic Variability of Adventive Microshoots of Picea pungens Engelm. 

Using DNA Markers and Flow Cytometry 


N. K. Chebot’ko, T. N. Stikhareva, V. Yu. Kirillov

Contribution of Researchers of Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry 

in Selection and Gene Pool Conservation of Woody Plants (Brief Historical Overview) 


M. V. Rogozin

Elite Trees of Scots Pine and Intra-Cenotic Factors of Their Formation


B. V. Proshkin, A. V. Klimov

Reproduction Strategies of Populus Species in the Area of Introgressive Hybridization 

in the Basin of Tom River 


V. G. Storozhenko

The Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability of Forest Communities 


D. S. Dubovik, V. V. Tarakanov

Monitoring of the Archive and Forest Seed Orchards' Condition Using High Resolution 

Pleiades Satellite Data


Resolution of the 6th International Conference on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources 



Alexander Sergeevich Shishikin (Celebrating 70th Birthday) 


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