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CONTENTS (2024, N 1)


         Siberian Journal of Forest Science    Number    1    2024    January – February



B.-Ts. B. Namzalov, A. M. Samdan, L. V. Budazhapov, M. B.-Ts. Namzalov

Features of Spatial Structure and Cenogenesis of Relict Larch Forests 

in the Mountain Forest-Steppe of Southern Siberia 


А. S. Aver’yanov, А. P. Barchenkov, A. V. Pimenov, T. S. Sedel’nikova

Morphological Features of Cones of Siberian Larch in the South of Siberia 


L. P. Gabysheva, A. P. Isaev

Growth of Larch Crops in Cryolithozone of Yakutia 


M. V. Oskorbina, O. V. Kalugina, L. V. Afanas’eva

Impact of Emissions from Aluminum Production on Photosynthetic Apparatus 

of Siberian Larch


V. A. Usoltsev, D. V. Noritsin, I. STsepordey

Conjugacy of Climatic Indicators in the Latitudinal Gradient of Eurasia 

When Modeling Biomass of Forest-Forming Species


A. V. Klimov, B. V. Proshkin

Influence of the Evolution of River System of the Altai-Sayan Mountain Country

on Form Diversity of Laurel Poplar Modern Populations 


M. V. Rogozin

The Influence of Feeding Areas on the Fall of Trees in Pine Crops 


A. I. Montile, S. A. Shavnin, A. A. Montile, D. Yu. Golikov

The Impact of Edge Effect on the Relationship of Individual Morphological Features 

of Scots Pine in Natural Stands and Forest Park


O. V. Tolkach, G. G. Terekhov, N. N. Terinov

Snow Density Under the Canopy of Artificial Spruce Stands in the Middle Urals


M. S. Lezin, V. A. Lezina

Naturalization as a Tool to Increase Adaptability in Future Varieties of Felt Cherries 


E. R. Bukhanov, A. D. Shefer, A. V. Shabanov, Yu. L. Gurevich, M. N. Krakhalev

The Structure, Optical and Spectral Characteristics of Epicuticular Wax 

of Blue Spruce Needles


Yu. N. Baranchikov, V. I. Ponomarev, N. V. Pashenova, A. A. Efremenko, 

D. Yu. Golikov, G. I. Klobukov, B. V. Krasutskiy, N. I. Kirichenko

First Findings of an Invasive Tandem Bark Beetle-Phytopathogenic Fungus 

in the Middle Ural Megalopolis



* P. A. Tsvetkov, D. I. Nazimova, I. N. Tret’yakova

Alexandra Vital’evna Volokitina (to 75th Birthday)


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