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Bartsev Sergey Igorevich

Bartsev Sergey Igorevich, born 27 January, 1955. Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University (KSU) Faculty of Physics with a specialty in Biophysics (1977) (in 2006 KSU being included to the Siberian Federal University). Doctor of Physics and Mathematics in Biophysics (2004), Head for the Laboratory of Theoretical Biophysics Institute of Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch. Expert in modeling of biosphere and closed ecological life support systems, heuristic neural network modeling. Main scientific organizer of F 4.3 Section Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research – COSPAR. Author and co-author of more than 90 papers and 4 books. Some of them: «Manmade Сlosed Ecological Systems», Taylor & Francis, London and New York, 2003; «Global Climatology and Ecodynamics: Anthropogenic Changes to Planet Earth», Springer, 2008; «Evristicheskie Neirosetevye Modeli v Biofizike: Prilozenie k Probleme Strukturno-Funkcsionalnogo Sootvetstviya» (Heuristic Neural Network Models in Biophysics: Application to the Problem of Structural-Functional Accordance), Krasnoyarsk, Sib. Fed. Univ., 2010 (in Russian).


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Total citations – 336; Hirsch index – 7.

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