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Berlyakova Olga Gennad’evna

Berlyakova Olga Gennad’evna

Berlyakova Olga Gennad’evna, born 12 March. 1986. Graduated from Kemerovo State University, Faculty of Information Technologies (at the present time – Faculty of Biology), Department of Geology and Geography, with a specialty in Geoecology (2008). Engineer for the Department of Primary Geological Information, Kemerovo Branch of the Federal Budgetary Organization Territorial Fund of Geological Information (2008). PhD student for the Laboratory of Soil Reclamation, Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch in the city of Novosibirsk (2009). Specialist in ecology and natural resource management. Research interests in soil-ecological condition of disturbed lands, evolution of soil cover, restoration of vegetation cover and recultivation of disturbed lands. Studies man-disturbed areas in the city of Novokuznetsk and Novokuznetsky District. In cooperation with Kemerovo State University organizes field training for students in biology and soil science (2010). Participates in the development of ecological trails on the territory of the regional monuments of nature in the city of Novokuznetsk (2014). Author and co-author of more than 30 scientific publications. Some of them: «Ispolzovanie osadkov stochnykh vod (OSV) v rekultivascii narushennykh zemel’» (Using of sewage sludge (OSV) for recultivation of disturbed lands) In «Vestnik Kemerovskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta» (Bull. Kemerovo State Univ.), 2010 (in Russian with English abstract); «Pochvenno-ekologicheskoe sostoyanie urbanizirovannykh territorii Zapadnoi Sibiri (na primere g. Novokuznetska)» (Soil-ecological condition of the urbanized areas of Western Siberia (on the example of Novokuznetsk)) In «Pochvovedenie i Agrokhimiya» (Soil Sci. & Agrochemistry), 2011 (in Russian with English and Kazakh abstract); «Pamyatnik prirody ili porodnyi otval?» (The natural monument or waste dump) In «Ugol’ Kuzbassa» (Coal of Kuznetsky Basin), 2014 (in Russian with English abstract); «Socio-ecological condition of the tailings OJSC “Abagurskaya” agglomeration factory» In «Europ. Sci. Rev.», 2014.


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