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Kim Damin

Kim Damin

Kim Damin, born 25 August, 1990 in the city of ..., Republic of Korea. Undergraduate studies in health and environmental sciences at the Korea University, College of Health Sciences, School of Health and Environmental Sciences, with Bachelor of Health and Environmental Sciences (2014), MSc studies in Environmental Sciences and Ecological Engineering at the Korea University, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, with MSc in Environmental Sciences and Ecological Engineering, in the city of Seoul, Republic of Korea (2016). MSc thesis: «Estimation of Future Carbon Budget with Climate Change and Reforestation Scenario in North Korea», Korea Univ., Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2016. Participant of the research projects related to carbon budget, climate change, environmental (forest and land cover) change. Researcher for the National Research Foundation of Korea in the city of Sejong, Republic of Korea (since 2016 till present time). Author and co-author of relevant research papers. Some of them: «Estimation of forest carbon budget from land cover change in South and North Korea between 1981 and 2010» In «J. Plant Biol.», 2014; «A study on the improvement of evaluation system for implementation of national forest management» In «J. Kor. For. Soc.», 2015 (in Korean with English abstract); «Estimation of future carbon budget with climate change and reforestation scenario in North Korea» In «Advances in Space Res.», 2016;


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Total Scopus citations – 9; Scopus Hirsh index – 2.

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