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Bikirov Sharshenaly Bikirovich

Bikirov Sharshenaly Bikirovich

Bikirov Sharshenaly Bikirovich, born 25 Oсtober, 1947. Graduated from Kazakh Agricultural Institute (at the present time – Kazakh National Agrarian University), Faculty of Forestry (at the present time – Faculty of Forest, Land Resources and Horticulture), Almaty, Kazakhstan (1970). Doсtor of Biological Sciences in Forest Science, Silviculture, Forest Planning and Forest Inventory (2015). Head for the Laboratory of Forest Crops, Institute of Forest Named after P. A. Gan, National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Specialist in forest science, forest ecology, forest crops, and landscape gardening of settlements. PI for an international research projects, directed to forestation and sustainable forest management. Author and co-author of more than 160 scientific publications and 15 books. Some of them: «Fir Forests of Kyrgyzstan», Frunze, 1984; «Mountains of Kyrgyzstan», Bishkek, 2001; «Walnut, Kyrgyz nut», Bishkek, 2001; «Methodical Recommendation for Selection of Commercially Valuable Forms, Selection of Forest Seed Plots and Growing Selection of Semenov Fir Planting Material in Kyrgyzstan», Bishkek, 2004; «Environmental Context for Sustainable Management of Juniper Forests in Southern Kyrgyzstan», Nancy, France, 2005; «Practical Work on Dendrology. Tutorial», Bishkek, 2006; «Guide for the Formulation of Integrated Management Plans on the Basis of Experience in Juniper Forests of Southern Kyrgyzstan», Nancy, France, 2007; «Junipers of the South of Kyrgyzstan and Their Reforestation», Bishkek, 2008; «Seed Breeding and Growing Semenov Fir in Kyrgyzstan», Bishkek, 2008; «Recommendations for the Selection of Commercially Valuable Forms, Growing Planting Material and Creation of Mother and Industrial Plantations of Sea Buckthorn in the Conditions of Issyk-Kul Region. Teaching and Methodical Tutorial», Bishkek, 2011; «Scientific Backgrounds for Conservation and Restoration of Fir Forests in the Western Tien-Shan», Bishkek, 2011; «Forest Nurseries of Kyrgyzstan. Textbook», Bishkek, 2011; «State of Forest Genetic Resources in the Region of Central Asia», Ankara, Turkey, 2013; «The Selection of Commercially Valuable Forms of Sea Buckthorn for the Creation of Mother and Industrial Plantations in the Cis-Issyk-Kul Area», Bishkek, 2014.


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