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Lapteva Elena Morisovna

Lapteva Elena Morisovna, born 14 August, 1960. Graduated from Syktyvkar State University (at the present time – Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University), Faculty of Biology (at the present time – Institute of Natural Sciences), Department of Biology, with a specialty in Biology and Teacher of Biology and Chemistry (1986). Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) (1995), Associate Professor (2004) in Soil Science. PhD thesis: «Morfologiya i Svoistva Scelinnykh i Osvoennykh Poch Srednego Techeniya Reki Pechory» (Morphology and Properties of Virgin and Developed Inundated Soils at Middle Flow of the Pechora River), Voronezh, 1995 (in Russian). Head for the Department of Soil Science, Head for the Laboratory of Soil Biology and Nature Restoration Problems at the Institute of Biology, Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, in the city of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic (2005). Winner of the Scientific Research Award (in co-authorship) of the Government of the Komi Republic (2011), the Honored Ecologist of the Komi Republic, awarded by the Honorary Certificates of the Komi Republic Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, and by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of V. V. Dokuchaev Society of Soil Scientists, member of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS), and the European Society for Soil Conservation. PI and Co-PI for several research projects supported by the Federal Targeted Program (2003-2015), the OMRISK (Impacts and Risks from Anthropogenic Disturbances on Soil, Carbon Dynamics and Vegetation in Podzolic Ecosystems), and the Global Evironment Facility, devoted to interlinks between soil biota and soil formation and function specificity in different taiga and tundra ecosystems of the European North-East (2013-2016). Expert in soil science and soil biology. Author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications including 10 monographs. Some of them: «Osobennosti Formirovaniya i Ispolzovaniya Poimennykh Pochv Doliny Reki Pechory» (Formation and Management of Floodplain Soils of the Pechora River Valley), Syktyvkar, 1999 (in Russian); «Strukturno-Funkscionalnaya Organizasciya Pochv i Pochvennogo Pokrova Evropeiskogo Severo-Vostoka» (Structural-Functional Soil and Soil Cover Organization of the European North-East), Nauka, Leningrad Branch, 2001 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Sever: Nauka i Perspektivy Innovascionnogo Razvitiya» (The North: Science and Innovation Development Prospects), Syktyvkar, 2006 (in Russian with English abstract and contents); «Atlas Pochv Respubliki Komi» (Soil Atlas of the Komi Republic), Syktyvkar, 2010 (in Russian); «Polyarnaya Kriosfera i Vody Sushi. Vklad Rossii v Mezdunarodnyi Polyarnyi God 2007/2008» (Polar Cryosphere and Continental Waters. Series: Contribution of Russia to International Polar Year 2007/2008), Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paulsen Ed., 2011 (in Russian with English titles, abstract and contents); «Sostavlenie krupnomashtabnykh pochvennykh kart na primere klyuchevykh uchastkov v tundre i lesotundre Evropeiskogo severo-vostoka» (Compilation of large-scale soil maps for key areas in the tundra and forest-tundra of the northeastern European Russia) In «Geografiya i Prirodnye Resursy» (Geogr. & Nat. Res.), 2012 (in Russian with English abstract); «The role of topography in forming the thermal regime and biological diversity of relict ecosystems on limestones in the northeast of European Russia» In «Rus. J. Ecol.», 2012; «Vertical distribution of collembola, lumbricidae and elateridae in alluvial soils of floodplain forests» In «Contempor. Probl. Ecol.», 2013; «Pochvy i Pochvennyi Pokrov Pechoro-Ilychskogo Zapovednika (Severnyi Ural)» (Soils and Soil Cover of the Pechora-Ilych Reserve (Northern Ural)), Syktyvkar, 2013 (in Russian); «Rheological features of the coagulative structure of northern taiga peaty podzolic semi-gley soils of the European Northeast» In «Moscow Univ. Soil Sci. Bull.», 2014; «Water-soluble organic acids in cryomorphic peat soils of the southeastern Bol’shezemel’skaya tundra» In «Euras. Soil Sci.», 2015; «Izmenenie gumusnogo sostoyaniya srednetaeznykh podzolistykh pochv pod vliyaniem sploshnolesosechnykh rubok» (Humus condition changes of middle taiga podzolic soils after tree clear cutting) In «Тeoreticheskaya i Prikladnaya Ekologiya» (Theor. & Appl. Ecol.), 2015 (in Russian with English abstract). 


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Total citations – 309; Hirsh index – 7.

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